Bipolar Posters

Bipolar posters can be a graphical way to express something that usually is not easy to understand. I learned about this serious syndrome from my step sister.

Lucia is a renowned psychiatrist in São Paulo City and I learned a little bit during her first learning period at med school.

bipolar posters
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Bipolar Disorder

Distinguished by flows of depression with windows of elevated mood, Manic Depression is a mental illness.

Depending on its harshness or if signals of frenzy are portrayed, the peak mood is critical and is identified as mania or hypo-mania .

Happy or irritated, during the frenetic period, a person acts or feels unusually snappy, the highest of highs.

With little consideration to the outcome of behavior, manic frequently make poor judgment decisions.

When experiencing this phase, the demand for rest or sleep is often reduced. Reminds me of a person high in cocaine intake.

The antagonist depressive phase is marked by:

  • crying
  • negativeness
  • fear of eye contact
  • risk of suicide, higher than 6% of individuals older than 20.
  • self-harm occurs in 30-40 percent

I guess you may be able to trust them, but I doubt you can trust their judgment during this period.

Mental disorders like anxiety and substance use are usually connected with Bipolar Disorder.

I have this strong suspicion that the illness runs in my mother’s family and I did detect it with at least one relative. Others have small scents of this or that symptom.

My mother, herself, had these periods of long quietness and periods or more happiness. Unfortunately, she died of cancer years before people started talking about the disease.

I have friends that call cancer “the illness of the unhappy”.

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2 thoughts on “Bipolar Posters

  • August 14, 2016 at 6:45 pm

    My step daughter found out last year that she has Bipolar Disorder. I remembered how one moment she was happy, then sad, one moment talking a lot and the next moment she was very quiet. She would also talk like she was confused. It’s good to know more about Bipolar and ways of treating the disorder.

    • August 17, 2016 at 10:47 am

      Hello, Brenda,

      Thanks for sharing your personal experience.


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