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I always wanted to create a bison fine art print. Bisons are rare proud animals that make any wall more beautiful. Check this fine art work!

As a young kid watching those American frontier movies, I was always amazed and idolized the rustic Buffalo hunters of old times.

Little did we know that it was not cool.

Nowadays, predatory hunting is something to be battled against because it is still around and putting a lot of species in danger.

Bison 1 Book Cover Bison 1
American Animals
Caito Junqueira
modern figurative Art America
April 24th, 2015
wall art, home decor, lifestyle apparel, beach apparel, cards, cases, apparel
Caio Junqueira Netto Junior; Caito Junqueira
Digital Art - I suiggest prints on rough paper or canvas
Somerset Velvet
20cm x 12cm to 152cm x 94cm
from $16 to $ 174
Rolled in tube

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The Bison or Buffalo is large, even-toed ungulates in the variety Bison inside the Bovinae.

Two surviving and four deceased species are identified. Of the four extinct species, three were North American and the other from West Europe and Central and East Asia,  including Japan.

The two remaining species are very distant relatives of the true Buffalo and live respectively in:

North America

and the


The Caucasian species was reintroduced in the wild after being a period of natural extinction.

All bison types are classified in their genus, but they sometimes breed with domestic cattle and produce fertile offspring called beefalo.

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Bison Fine Art Print

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