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Card Game Poster Art Print: Playing cards has populated my life since I was a young kid. I had to include a tribute to it in my artwork.

Card Game Poster Art Print


These are my wife and three friends playing Tranca, a Brazilian variation of Canasta.

I used to play cards very frequently in my younger ages. That came to the most intense point during the second half of the 80’s and early 90’s, a period when I learned and became a bridge instructor. Since I moved to the countryside, I have almost abandoned card playing, but the activity is still very present in my wife and friends’ lives.


If you like scenic art, take a look at this.


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Card Play - Card Game Poster Art Print Book Cover Card Play - Card Game Poster Art Print
C Junqueira
human figures
Pixels - Fine Art America
July 9th, 2015
Caito Junqueira - Caio Junqueira Netto Junior
digital art
Sommerset Velvet, or Canvas
20cmx12cm to 152cmx94cm
$20.35 to $253.32
rolled on tube (other options available)

Card Game Poster Art Print
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