Buy a War Bonds Poster art print

Buy a War Bonds Poster art print: If you like vintage art, you’re going to love this tribute retelling of a WWII fund-raising classic.

Buy a War Bonds Poster art print

First, before Pearl Harbor, called Defense Bonds, War bonds are debt securities issued by a government for the purpose of financing military operations during times of war.

War bonds are either wholesale securities traded on a stock market or local bonds sold directly to the public.

Appeals to buy war fund-raising papers are often followed by calls to nationalism and duty.

The war bonds actually were a loan to the government to help finance the war effort.

Retail bonds usually bear less than value proposed by the market and are often accessible in a wide range of classifications, so they are affordable to everyone.

In practice, modern governments finance the war by printing additional money to buy what they need. That injection of money brings inflation up. The government, then, sells the bonds as a means of taking the money away from circulation, thus, lowering the effect of inflation.


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Buy a War Bonds Poster art print Book Cover Buy a War Bonds Poster art print
war posters
C Junqueira
Fine Art America,
May 4th, 2017
"World War 2 Bonds"
Caito Junqueira - Caio Junqueira Netto Junior
digital art
Sommerset Velvet, or Canvas. Archive paper is also very nice for a more "postery" effect.
12cmx20cm to 94cmx152cm
$20.35 to $253.32
rolled on tube (other options available)

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