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This digital painting is intended for colonial art. I made it based on images that I had in memory, of places that I visited, both in America and in Brazil.


This was made by memory (real and from photos, books, and films) without using a scene (or photographs) as a model. I really love colonial and period scenes and movies of ancient periods really attract my attention.


Memory paintings are kinda tricky because we tend to be less precise and put what we like on the picture instead of what really should appear there.


Giclee prints on canvas with an old-style framing of this painting should be ideal for those types of traditional décor rooms.

I also find that it would match a country style home very well.

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Colonial Brazil

This is the period between 1500 and 1815 when Brazil was controlled and exploited from far away by Portugal. During these 300 years, several economic cycles occurred. Namely: brazilwood extraction, sugar production, and finally mining. Slaves, mostly from Africa, were the working force in those days.

Despite the vast territory, the Portuguese were able to maintain a unity and a common language, very differently than what happened with Spanish American countries.


European Colonization in the Americas

This is a process that started in the 10th – 11th century, with Norwegian Viking sailors exploring and briefly settling a small colony in present-day Canada. Those colonies eventually were abandoned.

Extensive colonization of the “New World” began in 1492 with Christopher Columbus.

Conquest, exploration, colonization and further manufacturing followed.

In 1497 the English landed on the shores of North American.

Spain founded cities as early as 1496.

France and other countries placed their marks as well.

It was the beginning of The Age of Exploration, an European territorial expansion that occurred during the later half of the second millennium.

The entire West Hemisphere became under European control.


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