Corel Painter Resources

Corel Painter resources are great for digital fine arts. It is a fantastic asset that I have been using for about 20 years and have always taken advantage of.

Corel Painter is a graphics program designed to precisely (as much as possible, but fantastically well) simulate traditional medias like drawing, painting, pastels, crayons, etc.

It is intended to be used “real-time” by digital artists as an almost natural tool.

Corel Painter Resources

For those who enjoy illustration and design, Painter is a very cool software that is beyond people’s imagination.

It is not your average photo edition program that can be used for painting.

It’s an awesome natural painting and effects software that can also do a bit of photo editing.

It has  SEVERAL types of paint brushes such as watercolor, colored pencil, gouache , Sumi-e,  oil paint… etc …

and they all can be affected by paper type, the thickness of paint, which  can be runny and spread over the paper and mix with other not-dried-yet paints.

Within each type of paint, there is a number of presets that you can choose for your brushes, pencils, crayons, pastel and they all react like the real thing (as possible, but fantastically great)

One cool detail is that you can literally add water on the layer you’re working on to smooth the color like in real watercolor, or even mix different colors as if you were doing it “on a real life” canvas.

Another very exciting feature is the ability to change the texture of the paper. For example, a more porous paper to absorb more ink.

Painter is able to accept (and save) PSD format and you can just load a previous file you were working in Photoshop and start testing right away!

To all illustrators, designers, painter and graphic artists, I advise trying Painter and investigating its great features. You will love it, particularly if you keep in mind that Painter is not a complete substitute for other programs, yet a remarkable asset.

Corel Painter Resources

This picture was done entirely using traditional painting techniques in Painter 12, over a 3D raw source in the tracing paper layer for reference.



If you want to find more information about art, please click here or on the header tab “INFO”.

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