Custom Giclee Prints

Custom giclee prints can work well as great commissioned art options.


In art, a commission is the employment and payment for the production of an art work , often on subsidy of another person. Artwork may be ordered by individuals from various sectors of society, including government representatives.

Any museum, official building, university facilities or closed club anywhere will probably have some fine art portrait or landmark painting hung around.


Human Figure Models

Traditionally the most common subject for custom artwork has always been the human figure. That was very common before the invention of photography but still is a very sought after commission.

Custom Giclee Prints

In most societies, it is a custom to tribute significant characters by ordering a commissioned portrait painting of them.


Even if it is just  a common family order, that is  still often seriously stated of great importance for the hired artist.


Those paintings are considered symbols of , status and, or historic meaning.

A fine art portrait can be a symbol balanced position and bring prestige for both the artist and the hiring supporter.


Portraits are seldom about the model, but, on the other hand is a piece of art meant to keep alive the memory of the subject for generations to come.

It is file that helps develop a nice depiction of that person’s biography.

Custom Giclee Prints


Children portraits are a sub-genre in painting with the intention of expressing a child as subject.

Many times, the child doesn’t even need to be someone real and not rarely, those are not commissioned works.

Nevertheless they can also be commissioned even when it is an imaginary kid like the one on the left.

Traditional paintings of portraits used to immortalize important people.

Nowadays portrait hiring has become a more common activity among middle class families.

Officials still hire that type of art work and the use of a pop fine art portraitist is also becoming popular, specially among in the artistic classes.



Places and Scenes

Another option of commissioned art painting are of places and scenes, usually without people as a main Point of Interest. Mostly without any people.



Custom Giclee Prints

commissioned Landscaping.

The idea deals with a similar process: Someone hires and artist to reproduce a landscape of a particular place that is dear or important for some reason.

Landmark painting

Sometimes that landscape is a place where a significant landmark or personal building is setup.

Many rulers in history  have commissioned paintings about politically significant public buildings or battles.

This is also known as landmark art, the depiction of known landmarks.

They are well composed scenery such as landscapes with special men-built symbols or famous buildings.

These scenes, usually have landscape backgrounds with a less than wide range “camera”.


Custom Giclee Prints
Argentino Mangalarga

Animal Models

Animals are becoming more and more a subject for commissioned work with portraits of the subjects both in action or posing.

The picture on the left is from a horse of the Sao Paulo Mangalarga breed which has been in development in Orlândia, SP, Brazil for almost 200 years by the Diniz Junqueira family.


Alternative Deal

“A hybrid deal model has been developed by CJunqueira. Commissioned work usually is at least 5 to 10 times more expensive than serial prints. And some people just can’t afford it. On the other hand, there are occasions when the artwork has a commercial appeal. In those cases an arrangement can be made for the commissioning customer to buy the # 0 (zero) copy of the series for a better bargain.”


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2 thoughts on “Custom Giclee Prints

  • March 25, 2016 at 1:59 am

    Your work is just beautiful! I enjoy how you can customize what you commission, whether it be a landmark, landscape, child portrait, and more. I learned so much about digital fine art on your site. It’s so unique and yet compliments other types of artwork I own. What are the most common types of commission requests you receive?

    • March 25, 2016 at 2:06 am

      Hello, LMN,

      Thank you for your remarks. The most common commissions are of farm houses, family morphs (haven’t showed those here yet), general family portraits.



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