Digital African Landscape Art

This digital African landscape art is an homage to Quirongozi. An old friend of my grandpa’s that used to be a Safari tracker and guide in Africa a long time ago.

A farmer from my hometown, he was awarded that alias by African natives to honor his bravery. Quirongozi means “great hunter.”

In a time when people did not know better and hunting for sport was a common practice he became rich and famous and gave it all up for no apparent reason.

Many years later he confessed to me, in a private conversation, that he had seen evil inside himself and inside humankind.Digital African Landscape Art

He bought a bunch of tigers and lions from a region that did not care to protect them and brought them to his farm here in Brazil.

“To compensate the harm I’ve done. At least these will be treated well here.”, he said.

He also became a supporter to the local zoo’s humanitarian practice with animals.

He’s been living an almost reclusive life since then.


Africa, the second major continent, is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Africa has eight primary physical areas:

  • Sahara
  • Sahel
  • Ethiopian Highlands
  • Savanna
  • Swahili Coast
  • Rain Forest
  • African Great Lakes
  • Southern Africa.



The Sahara is the planet’s major hot desert, about the size of Brazil, in South America.


Sand dunes stretching for hundreds of kilometers cover 20 percent of the Sahara


The Sahelanimal-king-lodge-w-logo

The Sahel is a striping zone between the Sahara the savannas to the south that is rapidly becoming desert due to droughts, deforestation, and intensive agriculture.


Ethiopian Highlands

The Ethiopian Highlands began is magma formation that started rising about 75 million years ago.



Savannah, or grasslands, cover nearly 50% of the African territory.

Its most significant region are  The Serengeti Plains which are home the continent’s highest concentrations of wildlife.


Swahili Coast

The Swahili Coast is located between Mozambique and Somalia. Hefty agriculture has weakened the variety of plants in its interior area.


Rain Forest

Today, 80% of Africas rain forest is concentrated in its central area, along the Congo River basin.


African Great Lakes

The Great Lakes surround the Great Rift Valley.


There are seven main African Great Lakes:

  • Lake Albert
  • Lake Edward
  • Lake Kivu
  • Lake Malawi
  • Lake Tanganyika
  • Lake Turkana
  • Lake Victoria

The region has a vast diversity of wildlife.


Southern Africa

The region of Southern Africa is one of the richest areas for plants in the world.


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