Digital El Paso Cityscape

A couple of years ago I planned this digital El Paso cityscape while visiting my sister and her fiancée. I was lucky to find a great spot from which to shoot.

Digital El Paso Cityscape


I took CA-94 E at about 7am. I imagined that if my calculations were correct, it would take me something between 10 to 12 hours to reach El Paso.

That road is wonderfully full of great landscape spots for artists, I would not miss the opportunity.

I had programmed 2 stops for eating and another 2 or 3 short ones to go to the bathroom.

It was really strange to me, leaving San Diego to find a chemist that my sister new. The guy was some sort of crazy scientist that invented a new type of surfboard wax.

I mean: “Do they even surf in El Paso?”. I though they only rode horses there.

I reached Mohawk around 10 AM. At that period of the year, the window was still chili in the morning. 2 quick hotdogs, a diet coke, and coffee did the job. All wrapped to go. I was not going to waste precious awake time chit-chatting with some crazy dude in army trousers.

My sister had met the chemist about a year ago and moved in 6 months later. To tell the truth they met while riding waves in a water park in Texas.

That was a shame to our family. In fact, if dad were alive, he would probably shoot himself in the head by seeing my sister surf in a water park.

Diana had won a famous teenage surfing competition in Hawaii when we were kids… before we moved to California. Before Dad died.

Dad  was a great old-school fine art painter, surfer, and “shaper” back in the day when mom was still alive.

He couldn’t stay there after she passed away, so we moved to California to stay near the ocean and for dad to be able to work.

When Diane went to college in El Paso I thought she would never surf again, at least for a couple of years. Marine Biology in El Paso? Really?

I took a short stop to eat some great Chilli at a joint called Kettle in Tucson that my friend Carlos, had taken me a few years before.

Carlos was a chef and loved to explore these uncharted places. Chilli was still great.

Next stop was McDonalds in Lordsbourg and after a few hours, I arrived just in time to meet Diane and Ludwig.

Ludvig, surfer chemist from El Paso? Really? His name was probably something like Ludwig “Van Waffles”… Sis’ loved waffles…

Turned out that Ludwig was a genius and was developing this new wax supposed to be totally full-sticky for your feet, but also, avoid hurting your chest and nipples.

We had a few beers, some dinners and lots of laughs. Ludwig was a good man. For a caring brother, that’s all that counts.

The next day they took me to this Hawaiian Style water park that had a most amazing wave pool. Every half an hour the waves changed style and intensity. I have to tell you that I was impressed. Not only by the waves, but also by Ludwig who was actually a pretty good surfer. Really? A chemist from El Paso?

My sister is a lucky girl. That’s for sure.


El Paso is a city is located in the far west corner tip of Texas. The closer capital is Phoenix rather than Austin, Texas which is really quite far. In fact, some people get confused and actually think that El Paso is in Arizona, or maybe New Mexico.

The Rio Grande is the major river around and serves 2 other sister cities, Ciudad Juárez, in Mexico and Las Cruces in New Mexico.

With almost 3 million people, this great metropolitan area is a famous example of how multi-ethnicity can be a great asset in a country.

Awarded with the All-America Award,  El Paso is one of the safest large cities in the U.S.

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