Digital Fine Art Prints

C Junqueira Art is about Caito Junqueira’s Giclée Art Prints – He is a Brazilian digital fine artist specialized in scenic and other motifs.

C JunqueiraHello, there! This is my digital fine art prints website and blog. I’m very glad to have you investigate my artwork and some of the history and stories* behind them.

I’ll try, with each picture, to explain a little bit about myself and what the image means to me.

Be it a memory, a poem, a song, or a dream, after reading the posts, the observer, I hope, might build a map of my relationship with art.

Also, whenever possible, I’ll try to give a concise explanation about the origin of the picture.

Catch the magic of digital fine art prints. Energize your mind with eye-catching illustrations.
Feel free to compare them.

*Some of the stories related to the artwork may be partially or completely fictional.

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