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If you are looking for digital painting puma prints, take a look at this article with a sample of CJunqueira’s artwork on the subject. An intense cat posture.

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Ever since I was a young artist, back in the 70’s, I was intrigued by felines. They have that mysterious way to look directly into your soul.

It is a great felid of the subfamily “Felinae”, original to the Americas that lives from the southern Andes of South America to the Canadian Yukon.

The largest of all great natural terrestrial creatures in the occidental Hemisphere, the cougar, is a versatile, generalist variety observed in most American environment types.

Diversifying habitat scale from 12 – 398 miles, in North America, this feline has the widest geographic scope of any land animal in the Western Hemisphere.

Also the second massive feline in the New World, behind the jaguar, the puma is reserved and mostly an innate lonesome creature.

These animals show both nighttime and crepuscular inclination, although they are sometimes seen during daylight hours under specific unusual conditions.

It is much easier to compare the cougar more closely to smaller felines like domestic cats.

In the Americas, the only other native feline is the powerful jaguar and its variations.

In the Chilean Patagonia, pumas hunt guanacos as well as smaller creatures like the European coneys. Mountain lions are also known for their expertise in stalking large prey, which makes it a great ecology regulator mechanism.

As well as poaching of some of their victim varieties, these panthers are endangered by huge territory loss and fragmentation throughout their realm.

The Pink Panther is a famous and most appreciated cartoon from the early 60’s that used a puma-inspired character.

One of the comics that I liked most in the same period was Hanna Barbera’s “Snaglepuss”, portrayed by a mountain lion with a desire for success in show business.

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