A Digital Polar Bear Art Print Poster

Digital Polar Bear Art Print Poster: Another personal cry in favor of a species that is already vulnerable due to Global Warming. Dig in!


Digital Polar Bear Art

The polar bear is a carnivorous animal that lives in the North Pole, its surrounding seas, and lands.

It is a sister species of the brown version that had adapted to occupy a smaller ecological cold niche.

They give birth on the ground but spend most of their time on the ocean ice.

These animals stalk their preferred food of seals from the edge of sea ice, often living off fat reserves when no sea frost is available.
Because of expected environment loss caused by climate shift, the polar bear is listed as a vulnerable species, and at least three of its nineteen subpopulations are currently in decay.

For a long time, large-scale hunting raised global concern for the future of these bears, but populations rebounded following controls and quotas began to take an impact.


The above text is based on the following article:
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