Digital Reinterpretations: Old Movies Posters

Digital Reinterpretations: Old Movies Posters. My personal remodeling of images that inhabit my memory of times of more creative cinema trends.
Digital Reinterpretations: Old Movies Posters
Art by Tyson, a lead character artist for Blizzard Entertainment

I grew up in a time when special effects were very difficult to make or believe since the technology was still very crude. As science in cinema evolved, some of its creativity gave place to gratuitous use of special effects with no benefit for their story.

We do have great directors and producers that know how to use technology as a benefit to the work of art as whole and most of them was inspired by the same old movies that I also admire.


This list of old movies posters is just a portion of a much longer record.



All Quiet on the Western Front




It Happened One Night

Mutiny on the Bounty

Gone with the Wind

Citizen Kane


The Maltese Falcon

The Treasure of Sierra Madre


Strangers on a Train

Dial M for Murder

Lawrence of Arabia


12 Angry Men

Bridge Over the River Kwai

The Great Race

The Sound of Music

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

In the Heat of the Night

Once Upon a Time in The West

The Sting

The Godfather

Jesus Christ Superstar

Enter The Dragon


One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest


Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

Star Wars

Indiana Jones

Chariots of Fire




This is not the end of my old movies posters list.  I am really sorry if I have forgotten any great and relevant movie. To correct that, I ask you, my friend, for suggestions.

After listing these titles, I will be working on each actual picture, trying to give my own touch to the piece at hand.


Meanwhile, you can browse around or take a look at some of my human figure pics.


Please leave a comment or suggestion to my Digital Reinterpretations: Old Movies Posters list.

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