Fine Art T-Shirts Sold

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fine art t-shirts sold


Fine Art T-Shirts Sold

Just Sold – 2016-03-18 at 8am EST
by Caito Junqueira

Premium T-Shirt

Brick Heather


image: “Amur Leopard”

buyer from Guelph, ON – Canada.



This is one of my preferred animal digital paintings. Reflections under the head and on the chest gave the leopard a shinny look.


Amur Leopard Giclee


The Amur Leopard is a variation breed the lives in southeastern Russia and northeast China.

It is pointed by authorities as seriously in danger for around 10 years now.

Just 20–25 of these leopards were alive in 2007 according to estimate calculations.

Nevertheless the breed has enlarged a bit during the past 9 years and now we have about 70 adult specimen according to World Wildlife Association.


This leopard is very significant for the environment, economy and culture. His conservation brings benefit to other animals, including the region’s tigers and other species balance. Adequate conservation methods can improve their stability along with a more balanced environment to the area.

Please refer to the World Wildlife Fund page for more information and eventual support. Follow this link to the Amur Leopard Page at WWF


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