French Quarter Art Print

French Quarter Art Print

french quarter

The French Quarter is the initial neighborhood in the city of New Orleans, one of America’s most charming touristic landmarks. Check it out!

After the foundation of New Orleans in 1718, the city developed around the Vieux Carré, Old Square in English, a central block. The area is more commonly named the French Quarter today, or solely “The Quarter,” related to changes in the city with American settlement after the Louisiana Purchase.

Most of the surviving historic buildings were constructed either in the late 18th century, during the city’s time of Spanish dominion, or were built during the first half of the 19th century, after U.S. addition and statehood.


French Quarter 1 Book Cover French Quarter 1
American Landmarks
CJunqueira - Fine Art America
May 9th, 2015
Caio Junqueira Netto Jr - Caito Junqueira
digital art
Somerset Velvet, Canvas
8.00" x 5.375"
$12.06 to $124.95
Rolled in tube (many other options available)

The region as a whole has been nominated as a National Historic Landmark, with many contributing structures that are separately considered significant. The Quarter is a top tourist target in the city, as well as an attraction to residents.

Being away from areas where the levee was breached during Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and because of the strength and height of the nearest Mississippi River Levees in distinction to other blocks along the canals and lakefront, it suffered moderately light damage from floodwater as contrasted to other sectors of the city and the greater area.


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