Rembrandt Fine Art

If you are thinking about purchasing a classic painter’s giclee print and can’t decide, i urge you consider Rembrandt fine art.

He is one of my favorite painters and is an influence both in style, specially his baroque unique lighting, and motifs.

Rembrandt Fine Art

Rembrandt van Rijn is a natural of Leiden, July 15, 1606 and passed away in Amsterdam, 4 October 1669.

He was a Dutch artist and is routinely respected as one of the stupendous figures in European art history and the most significant in Flemish history. Some believe that he is the greatest painter of all time.

His asset to art came in the so-called “Golden Age of the Netherlands” a zenith under all aspects in the history of that country (still not united at the time).

He achieved  recognition very early as a portrait painter and ended his life under personal lack of fortune and monetary pitfall.

Nevertheless, he was very popular and kept his reputation high.

All dutch painters wanted to be his pupils.

His greatest accomplishments are marked in portraits of his colleagues, himself, and biblical scenery. His lack of vanity tells a very sincere history sequence of his life.

His prints and paintings certify high education in the classics, which he bent to suit the requirements of his own experience and humanist interpretations.
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Around 1600 appeared in the european scene, reacting against the tortuous and formulaic Mannerist art movement, a new style called “Baroque Art”. The Baroque style of fine art was less complicated, more down to earth and more warm-toned than Mannerism.


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  • February 24, 2016 at 2:26 pm

    The rembrandt choice definitely looks like a great addition tot he modern home and I love paintings so I will definitely check out the range. Also the price range is very affordable which I loved as the pictures are very engaging whilst not being that expensive. Do you have more choice of pictures of the rembrandt brand

    • February 24, 2016 at 2:41 pm

      Hello, Jazzy,

      Thank you for stopping by. You can reach many, many Rembradt choices at PIXELS.COM if you reach them thru my page and then (after checking my shop!!! LOL j/k) do a search on top of the screen. Their service is very trustworthy, top quality and ships world wide. Play around with their choices of paper prints, canvas prints and other options.

      Tell me if you find anything that suits your taste.



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