Greta Garbo Prints

Greta Garbo prints are no different than any highly on demand digital artwork. Nowadays, more and more artists are swaying to the computer art technique, at least as an alternative.
Greta Garbo Prints

The Swedish film acting performer, worldwide icon and star, Greta Garbo born on 18 September 1905 , in Stockholm, Sweden, to working class parents.

She was forced to leave her studies and get employed in a department store at age 14 to support her family after her father’s early death.

She eventually was used as a model in the same store’s newspaper publicity.

Without any film ambition, her talent and beauty were grasped by keen eyed Erik A. Petschler. A director who gave her a small role in a film. That encouraged her to try for and win a scholarship in a drama school.

From that, passing though some roles in Swedish movies, to a contract with MGM, and a first American silent film part did not take too long.

Her performances in a few of her first “talkies” led to the first of three Academy Award nominations for Best Actress following the Academy’s rules of the time.

her carrier continued with hits like: Grand Hotel (1932) – Anna Karenina (1935) ; the performance of her life – Queen Christina (1935) – Camille (1936) ; second oscar nomination – Ninotchka (1939) ; third nomination.

She did not win any of those, but in 1954, the Academy gave her an Oscar for her outstanding career performances.

After World War II Greta, by her own choice, thought that the world had moved to a direction she did not like and abandoned cinema, at 35 years of age, after acting in twenty-eight films.

From then on, the famous star declined all types of acting invitations, public appearances, or interviews, thus, becoming ever more reclusive and dedicating her life to developing a very respectful art collection. This life style ended up creating  the famous and mysterious Garbo Mystique.

Greta Garbo died alone on 15, April, 1990 at age 84.  She never married or had any children.

Greta Garbo Prints – Do you like them or

Greta Garbo Prints

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    This is a very unique site, i have never seen anything like it! It’s very cool! love the history about Greta Garbo. i also think this site is unique as i have never really seen fine art prints quite like this. Very modern, yet gives us a piece of history. Completely cool!

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