Harry Kane Poster Prints

Harry Kane Poster Prints are highly searched for and browsed bt people that love football and want a piece of their idol on their wall.

Harry Kane Poster Prints

I have always been inspired by soccer as a subject of my artwork. I remember going to art school in the late 1970’s and taking 1978 World Cup pictures to class and use them for training.


Harry Kane Poster Prints was a pleasure to develop. I admire the player and love the English NAtional team’s red uniform. I hope you enjoy it.


Born on July 28, 1993, in Walthamstow, United Kingdom, Harry Edward Kane is an English professional footballer (soccer player) who acts as a striker for Tottenham Hotspur on the Premier League and as captain of England’s national team.

The 6′ 2″, 188 lbs soccer player, ranks very high seventh among English footballers and is expected to fight for the top positions among the world’s most exceptional athletes.


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Harry Kane Poster Prints Book Cover Harry Kane Poster Prints
C Junqueira
Fine Art America - PIXELS.com
July 12th, 2018
Caito Junqueira - Caio Junqueira Netto Junior
digital art
Archeive Paper, Canvas
8.00" x 8.00" to 48.00" x 48.00"
$20.35 to $226.36
rolled on tube (other options available)
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