How to Buy Art Prints Online ?

Ok, here’s another question that many people ask me all the time: ” How to buy art prints online ? “

What usually tell people is that buying giclee on the internet is no different from buying anything else on the web. If you got a good print on demand service, it is no more difficult than buying on Amazon, or Ebay. In fact, I think it’s easier.


The Fine Art America Choice

There are many good places on the net where you can buy fine art prints from. I will be suggesting and guiding you through PIXELS.COM from the Fine Art America group for reason I have explained on this article.

How to Buy Art Prints OnlineIf someone asked me: “Why “pixels” and not FAA? Aren’t they the same?”

I would say: “Well… yes…. AND NO!”

You see, they are from the same larger group and all the artists profiles are synchronized so you don’t miss anything from one website to the other. The top quality is the same for all.

The difference is that PIXELS.COM is the group’s business attempt to wrap around a more complete and commercial approach for them and  for the customer.

There you will find every type of product variation, from a framed canvas print, to a throw pillow, or phone cover to a shower curtain or tote bag.

And, let’s face it, it’s much easier to type “” than “”; if none of the reasons above matter to you.

Lets see what happens when you arrive there on you preferred browser…

General Procedure

Let’s just start by pointing out that if you are going to buy any of my pictures, it is much easier to just click on my STORE tab on the top menu. But, if you are willing to explore PIXELS.COM more thoroughly, you should follow this walk through:


After you have arrived at their home page, type “caito junqueira” at the search box located roughly at the top middle portion of the screen and press ENTER (or click on the magnifying glass icon).


That will take you to a page very similar to the one above. (artwork may differ as I upload more stuff)

Scroll down and play around. Click on images to see their profiles and print options.

When you choose an image to explore you arrive at a page like this.

pixels dotcom guide 3 crossing rails

After you reach an image profile page, you face many options of media that you can choose from.

All of them will lead you to a page with prices and options like the one bellow.

Let’s say you chose to hit  Framed Print…

How to Buy Art Prints Online

with related “accessories” options like:

  • size
  • if you click on the many options, (orange) the price on the top will change accordingly)
  • frame
  • matt
  • options for that medium (paper in this example)
  • finish (yellow) 

After that, when you are satisfied with the merchandise, it’s just a matter of hitting ADD TO CART and completing you transaction like any other purchase on the internet.

How to Buy Art Prints Online

Would you prefer some other artwork? It’s easy: Hurry to my shop and compare hundreds of vibrant options for a bargain you will be thrilled with.

Another destiny for you could be one of the links below.

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2 thoughts on “How to Buy Art Prints Online ?

  • March 7, 2016 at 1:55 am

    Hey Caito,
    Interesting article you’ve written here, i’ve always wondered where to buy quality art online and Pixels look really cool!

    I’m thinking of buying some art painting, frame it and put in around my house. Or does it come with a frame already if I buy though? My first time buying art to be honest.

    • March 7, 2016 at 2:29 am

      Hello, Riaz,

      Thank you for stopping by. It all depends on which type fine art print you choose. If you choose Framed Prints, they will present a default option that you can change afterwards.

      If you choose Prints or Canvas, the default is not framed, and they assume Prints will be rolled in tube,while Canvas, starts presented on a wood chassis (you can change this too). Actually, in the end, it doesn’t matter much because you have the power to change all of them to your linking.

      For international purchases, like in my own case, I always get them rolled in a tube because customs would charge me for every ounce in the package.

      It all depends on what suits you best. Play with it and have fun.



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