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Kneeboarding Picture Prints are just so exciting to watch! Take a look at this colorful digital painting of a surfer girl created by C Junqueira.

I created this action digital painting inspired by a friend that used to surf in the same spot as I did back in the 70’s. We were surfing pals, but I never knew her real name, just an alias that people used to call her “Mica”.

Mico in Portuguese is a small monkey. They gave her that name for the way she moved on the waves.

Angelie And The Kneeboard Book Cover Angelie And The Kneeboard
Caito Junqueira
Fine Art America
May 7th, 2015
20cm x 17cm to 152cm x 125cm
digital art

Kneeboards were originally manufactured commercially in the 1950s. Although they were a bit timid at first, kneeboarding had grown popular by the mid-1950s. Now, kneeboarding continues favorable, with purchases of about 100,000 pieces per year.

As waterskiing increased notoriety, riders also tested with kneeling down on wooden dishes. Others attempted kneeling on surfing boards and some handled specially built boards created exactly for mounting waves, however, the water-ski version board did not appear as a merchandise until the 1970s.

One of the initial examples of kneeboarding is 'tourist kneeboarding'. In this sample, the rider starts on the ground, already leashed to the puller. This format of kneeboarding is considerably simpler than the conventional form, typically done in a river or on a lake.

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