My “Mr Spock Posters” Artwork

I have always been a fan of Star Trek. My “Mr Spock Posters” Artwork is simply an expression of how the character has influenced my art.


When I first “met” Mr Spock, I already new Leonard Nimoy from Mission Impossible. For some reason, I do not remember. Mission Impossible aired in Brazil much earlier than Star Treck.

My "Mr Spock Posters" Artwork

It was the early 70’s and I was already discovering a fondness for art. Spocks ears and eyebrows were one of my preferred subjects on sketches. It was the time when men stepped on the moon, Bruce Lee was becoming a star and 2001 was preparing the way for Star Wars.

As a good Brazilian Trekkie, I haven’t missed any of the further options in the franchise and as I evolved as an artist, Spock, along with some creepy horror classic characters were my inspiration in exaggerated feature training.


For a while, I stopped with that as I started exploring digital art. Lately, Spock became a renewed interest in the old with a new digital form of expression and I decided to create a series of Mr Spock Posters.


Following is my first attempt in that direction which has already been posted here on the blog. More Mr. Spock Posters will come as I create them, even about other characters and features of the Star Trek franchise.


Vulcan Art Print – Live Long and Prosper

Spock’s Fascinating art poster


Thanks so much for your attention.


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