Owl Art Poster

Owl Art Poster

Modern West correlates owls with knowledge. The connection originates at least as far as Old Athens, known for art and wisdom. Check it out!

Athena, the deity of wisdom, had the owl as a symbol.

Marija Gimbutas tracks worship of the owl as a god, amongst other birds, to the culture of Ancient Europe, long before Indo-European cultures.

Owl 1 Book Cover Owl 1
endangered species, birds
Caito Junqueira
Pixels.com/Fine Art America
April 27th, 2015
aprox. 1:1.6
Caio Junqueira Netto Junior; Caito Junqueira
Digital Art
Sommerset Velvet, Canvas
6cm x 25cm to 113cm x 183cm
$12.06 to $163.76
all formats: wall art, home decor, lifestyle, beach, greeting cards, phone cases, apparel

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The Kikuyu of Kenya believed that owls were harbingers of death; If a person should see an owl or has the misfortune of hearing its cry, that someone was going to perish.

Amongst Africans, in general, owls are seen as messengers of bad fate, ill health, or dying. The feeling is widespread even today.


Native America
Owls as carriers of otherworldly menace when they warn misbehaving kids,

"the owls will get you!"

In most Native American customs, owls are a representation of death.

In some tribal myths, owls are connected with souls of the deceased, and the structural circles about an owl's eyes are the nails of supernatural human apparitions.

Owls are also messengers from beyond that deliver supernatural warnings.

The Aztecs and Maya considered owls as symbols of death and destruction.

Mayan religious texts describe owls as messengers of from the "Place of Fright".
For the Hopi, an Uto-Aztec tribe, taboos surrounding owls relate them to sorcery and evil.

Canadian Aboriginals also see owls as a symbol of very high spiritual status, besides relating to death.
The Pawnee saw them as symbols of transcendent protection.

The Yakama use owls as powerful totems forest guides.

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