Race Car Art Painting

Looking for formula 1 wall art? Check out this race car art painting by CJunqueira. It catches the priceless moment of a curve overtaking.

Race Car Art Painting
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My objective as an eventual race artist is finding that moment when a driver is trying to get ahead of other competitors and win the race.

This picture was inspired by a photograph I had seen somewhere and made a quick sketch with tracing paper.

I let it sleep for a long time in my drawer before I went back to it.

I love F1 art prints and am sorry not to be able to paint them more.

The racer’s challenge when they are behind a leader is breathtaking and a fantastic opportunity to find that perfect “snapshot”. They need to pass.

On the other side of that struggle is the leading racer. Fearlessly he needs to avoid that willful meteor coming up larger and larger inside his mirror.

The leading racer must prevent the overtaking from happening; Another car race art opportunity.

Car races are a series of moments like that and the artist that wants to make a difference must always be very careful to pay attention to detail all the time.

The greatest thing about high-level car races is that everything happens in a blink of an eye due to very precise detail. No car is much better than the others. No pilot is significantly more skillful.

All combos are quite similar, so a small detail can make a huge difference.

Art is also all about detail. The ability to show or disguise is imperative if the artist wants to harness that moment of wonder in the heart of the observer.

When I was a kid, Sundays were the days for the guys to gather around the TV set and spend the whole afternoon watching the Formula 1 race.

Those were the times of Emerson Fittipaldi, James Hunt, Clay Regazonni, Nikki Lauda and so many others racers. Those were the times of Roberto, August, Eduardo, Hugo, Alcides and so many other friends

Those were the times of Marcelo, August, Francisco, Roberto, Eduardo, Hugo, Alcides and so many other friends.

Formula 1 was so much more dangerous and undeniably more exciting. For us, kids, it was a fantastic world apart.

We would stay there, spread around aunt Dulce’s TV room, eating delicious TV picnic snacks and arguing about the race and racers. Never remembering that the next day we’d be back for another week at school.

I never made sketches of race cars back in those days. To me, that was just a sport that was exciting to watch. I never knew that one day my memories of them would become Formula 1 art prints.

I was also an just a beginner in art and never knew that one day my memories of those days would become Formula 1 art prints.

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