Renoir Art Prints – can you find them?

Is it easy to find Renoir art prints on the internet? It is not difficult. Many online galleries have a lot of them. Check this out to find more about it.


Art PrintsThe Impressionist Artist

Pierre Auguste Renoir was a major French fine artist. He was a leading player in the Impressionism movement, noted for his beautiful paintings.

Born on February 25, 1841 in the French city of Limoges. He died on December 3, 1919 in Cagnes-sur-Mer (Southwest France).

short biography

At early age showed great interest in the visual arts. As a child, he worked as a decorator in a porcelain industry in Paris. At 18, Renoir began to paint and decorate blinds and fans.

In 1862, he was studying at the Academy of Fine Arts. He also studied at the academy of the Swiss painter Charles Gabriel Gleyre. This academy met other famous artists of the time such as Claude Monet and Alfred Sisley. Monet, Renoir was influenced

renoir art printsIn 1862, he was studying at the Academy of Fine Arts. There he met other famous artists such as Claude Monet and Alfred Sisley. Monet, Renoir was influenced

Monet influenced Renoir in the treatment of light, as Delacroix impacted his management of colors.

His artistic style was marked by the presence of strong and bright colors, textures, and harmonic lines. The lyricism important feature in his work. A prevalence of individual human forms, groups of people and landscapes is notable.

renoir art printsHis first art exhibition took place in Paris in the year 1864. But did not achieve much recognition. The recognition came only in 1874, during the first exhibition of the new impressionist school. His painting Le Moulin de la Galette was recognized as a great work of impressionist art.

The artistic career of Renoir was consolidated with the solo exhibition held in Paris, at the Durand-Ruel gallery in 1883.

During his last 20 years, Renoir suffered from arthritis but kept painting with difficulty. He tied a brush on his arm in order work and still created rich and important work.


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2 thoughts on “Renoir Art Prints – can you find them?

  • February 21, 2016 at 3:21 am

    My Mom has two similar styled paintings in her hallway (I am sure they are not originals). I wonder if they are Renoir’s. It’s nice to hear that his skill was recognized when he was still alive. It is so common to hear that artist’s work is not recognized until their passing. We are going to be redecorating my girls room soon, I will have to bookmark this page of where to buy prints. I never know where to look.

    • February 21, 2016 at 7:55 am

      Hello, Shannon,

      Thank you for stopping by. If you google the artist’s name, you will get a bunch of options to check if any of them is the same as your mom’s.

      Yes, I wish I had the same luck… hahaha j/k, but, then, again, who wouldn’t, right?

      I’d be delighted to have you come back here as many times as you wish.

      Best regards,



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