San Francisco Art Print

This “streets of San Francisco” art print has the mood that makes me love that city so much. It’s one of the most beautiful cities I know.

I was 11 the first time I visited San Francisco with my mother 43 years ago. Since then, I have been there at least 5 times; One of them for study at the Academy of Art College for 6 months. I always wish I were there.

Frisco Street Homes Book Cover Frisco Street Homes
American Cityscapes
C Junqueira
cityscapes - Fine Art America
April 28th, 2015
Caio Junqueira Netto Junior - Caito Junqueira
digital art
fine art prints on Sommerset Velvet or Canvas
20cm x 15cm to 122cm x 91cm
$12.06 to $89.67
rolled in a tube (many options available, including gifts and apparel)

To San Francisco by Ina D. Coolbrith

"Fair on your hills, my City,
Fair as the Queen of old,
Supreme in her seven-hilled splendor-
You, from your Gate of Gold,
Facing the Orient sunburst,
Swathed in the sunset gleams,
Throned in an ultimate glory,
City of mists and of dreams!"

Ina D. Coolbrith, a notable personality in the San Francisco literary society at the twist of the 20th century, wrote this intense and rich poem that depicts beautiful San Francisco, associating the city to royalty with all the connotations that can be noticed.


If you like cityscapes, check this link.


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