Sao Paulo Art Prints

Sao Paulo art prints are special to me. People like metropolis paintings due to their power. “Sampa” is the same; it is a great subject for art expression.

I was born and raised in Sao Paulo. Over 50 years ago, the city was a fairly nice to grow up in. I remember it being quite safe for a group of teenagers to walk around. Today, the crisis that ravages the whole country has caught the metropolis that still has a closer resemblance to what is modern and vanguard.

Sao Paulo Art Prints

“Something happens in my heart
Only when I cross the Ipiranga and Av. São João
It’s that when I arrived here I understood nothing
The hard concrete poetry of your corners
The discrete clumsiness of your girls
There was still not, for me, Rita Lee
Your most complete translation
Something happens in my heart
Only when it cross the Ipiranga and Avenida São João

When I faced you face to face and did not see my visage
I called distasteful what I saw, distasteful, bad taste
It is that Narcissus finds ugly that which is not a mirror
And the mind panics with which is not even old
Nothing that was not before when we are not mutants
And you were a difficult start
I push away what I do not know
And who sells another dream of a happy city
Learns quickly to call you reality
Because you are the reverse of the reverse of the reverse of the reverse

The oppressed in line people, in villages, ghettos
The power of money that raises and destroys beautiful things
The ugly rising smoke , turning off the stars
I see your new field poets , space poets
Your forest workshops, your rain gods
Pan Americas utopian Africas,  samba tomb
But a possible new Zumbi quilombo
And the New Bahianos stroll in your rain drops
And new people from Bahia can enjoy you fine”

Google translation, with some corrections, of a famous song by Caetano Veloso


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2 thoughts on “Sao Paulo Art Prints

  • March 25, 2016 at 1:08 am

    Beautiful San Paulo Art print. I like the colors of the print and the simplicity. Seems very peaceful. I believe that is a poem you have there? It doesn’t state where it is from. Does it go with the print? I really like it. I can tell you are passionate about San Paula and also proud to have been raised there. Thank you very much for sharing this lovely print.

    • March 25, 2016 at 1:36 am

      Hello, Matt’s Mom,

      Thank you very much for your kind words. Yes, well, actually those are the translation of the lyrics of a famous song here. I kind of let off that info, with a very, very faint clue. “Sampa”, the title of the song, is also the city’s nickname for us; São Paulo, Sam Paulo, Sampaulo, Sampa. Now, that’s a secret very few people know. I trust you will keep it that way… 😛



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